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Using GTK3 on Lazarus

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 1. GTK3 only support the OpenGL Core Profile. You are unable to use Legacy OpenGL calls. This is a limitation of GTK3, not Lazarus. Lazarus projects that implement the OpenGL core profile can run on GTK3
 2. GTK3's OpenGL does not support multi-sampling, therefore from my perspective it is a major regression from GTK2, QT5, Cocoa and WinAPI. For this reason, I would not suggest using GTK3 for OpenGL projects:

My OpenGL skill is poor, can only do some simple polygon drawings and animations. I have to start learning OpenGL Core Profile or soon I will be left behind.

Thank ChrisR for the information.
That surprises me, GTK3 has been developed for quite long time but has such limitations. Any info about GTK4? I heard current stable version is 4.0.3. Do you think maybe we should ignore GTK3 but go directly to the version 4?


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