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Thanks to the covid situation, I'm back to searching for a job. I have over four years of Delphi experience in design/development. I also have some Programming knowledge. I can use Assembler, Embedded C, and Pascal. I'm ready to work only remotely, all my work processes can be tracked by work time and I don't mind daily communication with my customers via zoom. Write me the details of your project, I'll be happy to work with you.


Are you still available to work on some delphi based projects?

Please let me know and we can discuss further.


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As the OT user has only one posts, it is not possible to decide if this post is a serious attempt of finding work or spam.
It may well be a proper post, and is therefore kept (for now). Anyone reacting to this post should make their own assessment.

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I, for one, have  become unemployed this month

So now I also need to search a new job, preferably remote in Europe. I have used Delphi/FPC for almost 20 years and a PhD in machine learning.

 I need yourJob for  optimization  for mysource/s inside Delphi(Bds4.0)


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