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Lazarus on Qubes OS?

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I've run Lazarus on a couple of virtualised systems, but in general have preferred to have the "real thing" when possible: SPARCs and some fairly early ARMs among them. I can't remember for certain by now, but I'm pretty sure that I used Qemu for both endiannesses of MIPS when it was being brought to life, and possibly for Lazarus.

One thing I would note, and I think I raised this as a bug so that the community was aware, was that there was an installation problem on ReactOS: I think it was that decompressing files onto BTRFS generated data faster than the periodic commit operation could handle... with predictable results. Installing onto FAT with a fudged symlink (or whatever Windows calls it) was fine.

The wiki page hasn't had much love over the last few years, but would probably be a good place to note anything interesting.



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