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64 versus 32 Bit Lazarus Installation under Windows 10

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24 of december, a good day to think about "64 versus 32 Bit"  :D

I ever used the 32 bit Lazarus Windows Installer, never thought about using the 64 bit compiler.
Now someone showed me some bugs in sources I offer, when being used with the 64 bit compiler. (mostly pointer stuff I think ..  >:(  => PTRUINT etc. ..)
So I would like to test my sources under 64 bit before releasing new versions of the code.

What's the recommended way - actually with version 2.0.10
- installing both 64 and 32 Bit Lazarus in parallel folders, oder better ..
- installing the 64 bit version and the cross-compiler ?

Are there differences in debugging or so when using the 64 bit IDE / compiler with the 32 bit target ?


I've always installed the proper Lazarus/FPC (32bit for 32bit Windows, etc.) and the cross-compiler add-on, for example (64bit):

* lazarus-2.0.10-fpc-3.2.0-win64.exe
* lazarus-2.0.10-fpc-3.2.0-cross-i386-win32-win64.exeand never had any problems, other than the logical one of being unable to run/debug 64bit binaries on a 32bit platform.

Same goes for just FPC, I'd install (for 32bit):

* fpc-3.2.0.i386-win32.exe
* fpc-3.2.0.i386-win32.cross.x86_64-win64.exe
Note, though, that I don't use the debugger that much and some of my co-workers have had to install one of the alternative GDBs, so YMMV

I always install separate versions, Harddisks are cheap now, and its's much quicker to click on the icon of the 32- or 62-bit versions on the desktop than to configure the crosscompiler or to set up the build modes...

For installing separate versions you must make sure that the box "Secondary installation" is checked in the installer - this keeps the config files separate. On the negative side, however, you must install components twice.

BTW, there are special Lazarus icons for 32- and 64-bit icons in lazarus-CCR, folder applications/laz_icons (

I agree from the Linux POV as well: install both.


Okay, so I'd prefer installing them both, in parallel.  :)
Looks easier to me.

Now what's about the Project ?
Can I create / open it in both 32 and 64 Bit Lazarus ?
Does this work ?


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