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How optimized is the FPC compiler

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No i dont know haha, im just trying to open up a discussion about this topic not to do really any suggestions to replace it lol

No problem. Because I faced the same question before. But at the end you can see that if FPC is a bit slower than C++ that doesn't mean it's bad.

It depends for what you will use it. If it's for cross platform desktop GUI and also Free, there is no other best option.

But if you do command line go and use C++ for sure if you know how to use it you can produce a more optimized tool.

To be fair, if you feel that your target is GUI here a list of GUI tools to compare

And if you want to compare speed in console applications, feel free too =)

But please provide some compilable code in a real use case, else we're talking about air.

Like real world applications done in C++ and Pascal at the same time...

--- Quote from: Shpend on December 19, 2020, 04:41:50 pm ---No i dont know haha, im just trying to open up a discussion about this topic not to do really any suggestions to replace it lol

--- End quote ---

Sorry if I was a bit offtopic, but I think the only way to compare compilers it's by it's output program, for that I said that we need to compare compilable code.

I'm out since I already said what I wanted to contribute.

In my opinion is good to optimize FPC, but I have no idea on how to do that so I can't contribute anymore. Also I don't have any idea on C++, so I can't compare FPC and that language anyways.

Keep it running =)

I mean you wanted to compare the speed of the final application, and not the speed of the compiler compiling that application. For that we need to compare source code and final binaries, like measuring.

Say we can compare equivalent pieces of source code and see how they are finally assembled, if they run fast or slow.

I think that can continue the discussion from that, and forget what I said, that's merely stuff for another discussion.

There have been quite a few discussions on this topic here (and some got a bit out of hand).

I am not familiar enough with the compiler internals to answer this question in great detail (i.e. pick and compare individual optimization and indicate which compiler does or does not do them.)

I am also unclear, if you want to explicitly (and only) know about

--- Quote ---  (internal)Vectorization, MxM mulitplications, MMX
--- End quote ---
or other opts too (like register alloc, eval during compile / replace by constant, dead code detection, ....)

There is some work being done on optimizations. But I do not know if it touches the features you mentioned. The people involved in that are generally found on the fpc mail list.


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