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How optimized is the FPC compiler

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Actually Title.

But in addition, I m curious how much ov, high-perf (internal)Vectorization, MxM mulitplications, MMX and so on is implemented by the fpc, so that apps developed by the fpc are actually considered (really) fast or medium fast or whatever :D

And in what regard is it for instance slower than Delphi 10.4 compiler or even current C++ 21 Clang compiler what could be done better(im far away from compiler knowledge actually let alone compiler optimizations xD but I would really love to see how is the current state of the FPC, what could be done better and are ppl interessted in  doing so)

** note ** this is not a bashing against fpc regardless what the outcome of the optimization is, sinc eim fullyy aware that its not a 1000 man company behind fpc   ;)

Would love to know about these.

I use Pascal at work. FPC and Lazarus.
And it runs fast on really old hardware and PC with like 2gb of ram.

Usually the bottleneck when using databases like sqlite is the hard disk. Is better to run on  SSD drives.

Is faster than Javascript that I also use at work, and it uses less memory for same object structures. Say tables with 1000 or more complex elements.

Usually it gets slow with bad written code, not for the compiler itself. So it depends more on what you write at the end.

Like for example using fpjson is slower than using third party jsontools. And jsontools is slower than using sqlite json extension.

Yea thats nice to hear, its mostly that , why I asked, to know how it would actually compete in terms of opts with C++ Clang compiler how big is the optimization difference there.

I can't say since the tools I mentioned and also kotlin is what I use at work.
Never used c++ to do a gui or console application. But AFAIK is harder no visual designer or not a cross platform library except for QT that's not free.

Time say it in other words I see no other option than using FPC for linux mac windows and desktop gui that can run on old hardware. Tell me if you know one.


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