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crypto trading engine/ui (coinbase pro)
« on: November 28, 2020, 09:22:54 pm »
Hello all, I've opened up my trading engine and a UI I built to test things, to avoid keystrokes here's the "copy paste" from reddit:
one of my side projects for a few years has been trading crypto algorithmically and I've decided to open up my engine and the ui which I made to test things and trade with. It's pretty easy to use and the engine allows multiple strategies to run at the same time, which differs from some of the other frameworks out there. "out of the box" the ui (SimpleBot... yes creative I know) is bundled with ways to trade with a "buy the dip" style strategy, momentum, and a trailing SL variant which all operate in tandem (or can be turned off independently). I run it right now and have been pretty surprised with the profits it's been able to achieve with relatively simple building blocks.

I've setup a repo to be able to track feature/bug requests here and the link to the source repo is listed there as well:

also it contains a simulator to backtest configurations or new strategies bundled into the app that are exported to csv (the wiki shows a bit of this). documentation is relative sparse right now, but it can run on the cb sandbox or trades can just be simulated with the backtester if you want to play around with some settings. disclaimer, this is software I've used privately, so there's some things that don't work or may be not so intuitive... but I hope to get some good suggestions and feedback so that I can polish things up.

wiki/support (sparse right now...):

now for the source, everything is here and written from the ground up in fpc

there's zero documentation for the engine other than my comments I've made throughout the years, but digging through someone else's code is half the fun  :D

again, new strategies are pretty easy to use, and although things are only implemented currently for cb pro, the engine is exchange agnostic and the even most of the strategies that are implemented are built to work with any exchange client library (minus the ones ending in "gdax"). to build from source you'll need to be insure you clone with the submodules git clone --recursive

have fun :)


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