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The fixes to pasdoc and lhelp how to speed up that?

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I merged most of the packages/chm mutations because these files were mutated less. Still diffing and figuring out difference was a lot of work and took the better part of the my free time for a week.

The lazarus/lhelp parts were more heavily mutated and also source formatting tools were used which made diffing very hard. I tried and gave up, and apparently that went for the other devels too. It was just not clear what was what and what it was for.

And as he said, Serbod refused to break down the mutations into parts that belonged together into small patches to aid the process. I assume he had no recollection of what was what anymore either.

It is like science. If it is not understandable and reproducable it is worthless.

I manually make comparsion for style differencies (private variables, fields and params names, spaces) and compile path and diff files (see attachment).

After applyng that diffs, all significiant changes become clearly visible.

Small changes:
- get default encoding from Locale ID and from HTML 'meta' tag.
- fixed RPC calls, when Lazarus open context help and LHelp already open
- prevented memory leaks on exceptions

Big changes:
- programmatically created controls for new tab moved to separate pre-designed TFrame
- open multiple CHM in single tab by default
- Index tab behavior as in MS Help

I can provide separate diffs for that changes. But not sure, that them will be correctly separated and will not break whole thing, especially for big changes.


Andrey Sobol:

--- Quote from: serbod on November 27, 2020, 05:03:45 pm ---After applyng that diffs, all significiant changes become clearly visible.

--- End quote ---
If you do not mind, then I will slowly use yours code and make changes by parts.


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