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The fixes to pasdoc and lhelp how to speed up that?

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Andrey Sobol:
Hi guys,
If I or somebody publishes the patch to issue, how to speed up that?
1. Another members can test it before...
2. How can I ask a question to developers about that?
3. How long can be a patch in the queue?
4. I write fixes to pasdoc and lhelp, who is responsible for this part of the project?

What can I do yet?

My patch have been hanged without of movement
and I make a big fix to the pasdoc for

I think the tobject link generation is a fpdoc issue, because tobject is not clickable in the windows help viewer too, please file a separate bug with the FPC project. (and keep the current one for the lhelp index related issues)

Just a two line description and a link to/number of  the lazarus bugreport for the screenshots.

It's not always the easiest kind of issues, so please be patient since it might need the christmas holiday for enough time.

I was fixed LHelp about 3 years ago.

Andrey Sobol:

--- Quote from: serbod on November 26, 2020, 10:55:14 am ---I was fixed LHelp about 3 years ago.

--- End quote ---
But why yours code is not into repo?


--- Quote from: Andrey Sobol on November 26, 2020, 01:48:20 pm ---But why yours code is not into repo?

--- End quote ---

Too many changes at once, they must be divided to many small diffs.


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