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How to use Opencv with Lazarus Free Pascal


HI - Lazarus Free Pascal is an amazing tool that I recently discovered where I can do almost everything except for using OpenCV for image processing.

Can anyone tell me how I can use the OpenCV library with FreePascal + LAzarus on a Mac - this is a questions that I ahve not ahd any answers to yet.

Alternatively, I could write my own image processing subroutines for doing these after accessing the webcam video stream but it would save a lot of time using OpenCV.


opencv is C++ so you need to flatten it to C to be callable.

This has been partially done with a windows DLL for Delphi, but afaik some lazarusers also use it, e.g.

So you would have to do something similar on Mac.

I've ported many of to Lazarus in:

I tested it in only for Windows and Linux. I don't know about Mac. Maybe it can help you.

I know this thread is a litte older :-)

Are there any updates about OpenCV for Lazarus ?

the link on t-edson github is not working anymore - maybe shifted.


--- Quote from: af0815 on May 05, 2021, 04:15:21 pm ---the link on t-edson github is not working anymore - maybe shifted.

--- End quote ---

My blog has changed. That article is now in:

I'm not working in OpenCV by now. People only pay me for Web development. nowadays.  :(


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