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Hi, i have obeserved that TextHint property is not working properly on Lazarus 2.0.8 on Win10.
Before if you had  Text:='' and ShowHint checked  The font in Editbox was italic and gray and was showing what you haad put in TextHint.
Now the text shows but with the same font as Text propery so you can not differetiate between hint and text...
Is the same for you, is it a bug, am i doing something wrong?
Thank you!

It works as it should here (Laz/fpc 2.0.10/3.2.0, Linux-gtk2 x86_64) so it might be something widgetset-dependant or a bug that was fixed.

For me (Win 10), the texthint is upright, too, but it is in some kind of gray color - I do agree that it is a bit difficult to discern. I went back to Laz 2.0.6, 2.0.2 and 1.8.4 and found that it always looks the same. Please specify the Laz version in which it was drawn italic.

Since the TextHint is drawn entirely by the widgetset on Windows I could imagine that one of the recent Windows updates changed the text hint behavior - just a gues...

So, the lazarus Version is 2.0.8 and Windows version is 20.10.
I have pout two screenshots one the way it is now and one how it behaved in the past...
More greyed and italic....

Well, at least it's still gray. Looks like there has been some change in your Windows style/theme configuration, can it be? What happens if you try with a program compiled before the change?


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