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Testing the .chm files after create


Andrey Sobol:
I have wrote a .chm files for new package (for example for fcl-image), that is ok, I can see result per either lhelp or hh.exe. But I can not connect the new .chm file for testing to Lazarus IDE without producing full rebuild help for the fcl package.
How can I connect my piece of package help file for testing a context searching?
My system is win10.

Afaik lazarus has hardcoded filenames for helpfiles atm

Andrey Sobol:
I also saw that. I tried connect my .chm  via a external help connector but without success also.
I did tests with chm:// and file:// uri, but I have not done the context searching.

Afaik the context searching mostly just loads the index, and the ref manual has an .kwd embedded that is loaded too.


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