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Crosscompiling error from Windows towards Linux

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I installed, lazarus64 and "cross compile for Linux" via FPCUPdeluxe. The installation was completed without any errors. I can create a new project and do it in linux cross compilation.

However, if I use the indylaz package, I get an "Error while linking" error.  How can I fix this problem?

OS: Win7 x64
FPC version: 3.3.1
Lazarus version: 2.1.0
Indy version:

Most probable cause: you are missing a library to link against.
You must make a few changes to make this visible. See included screenshot of Lazarus filter positions.
Switch of filter for messages without source position.
Switch of filter for message urgency.
Compile again.

Message content is attached. However, there is no detailed error.

This project is a linux service application. There should be no visual components in the service application. But the message section contains the compilation information of the LCL components. I think the indy is referring to LCL components. Is this true?

You use indylaz. That pulls LCL !!


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