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Black background on object's inspector combobox options

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Tried to get some more info on this - the buggy theme apparently is Unity7 which came with Ubuntu Xenial and will, after all I've read, sort of fade away with it. What I don't know, however, is whether there are similar desktop designs which feature a 'bright' theme with dark combobox dropdowns or menus. So the questions is whether it's worth to put effort in this. On the other hand Xenial might be around for some more time than it's supported for afaik it's the last 32bit Ubuntu distribution.

Btw, this is what the colorbox in the IDE settings looks like, and this time the standard LCL TColorBox is affected as well:

I guess it could be fixed by a new setting for IDE ComboBoxes somewhere. A patch would be applied.
I set issue :
related to issue :
although they are a little different.
#34240 is about a custom drawn CheckBox made for OI. Both are related to themes.
People who use different themes and these issues bother, please provide patches to fix them.

As for the OI combobox issue - which is the most annoying imo - I still think it should be possible to somehow test the background of the dropdown for 'brightness' and set Font.Color to either clWindowText or clHighLightText accordingly in the OnDrawItem handler of objectinspector.pp as posted above in Reply #5 and without introducing new color settings. I'd post a suggestion if I weren't such a noob when it comes to graphics. Maybe someone more knowledgeable might jump in...?

The TColorBox issue is a bit different, however. While the standard LCL TComboBox draws ok, TColorBox doesn't. This is not just an IDE issue, but a LCL one. A similar approach as suggested above should fix this too, but imo would have to be done in TColorBox.DrawItem method. Should I file another report on this one and relate it to #35375...?


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