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Black background on object's inspector combobox options

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I just installed lazarus 2.0.10/fpc 3.2.0

In the form's object inspector if I click the dropdown button of a property which is a combobox, the options displayed have a black on black color so the unhilited texts are invisible.

Please see the screenshot attached.

O/S: Linux ubuntu 18.04

What is the configuration option to fix it?

Just want to raise this once more, because it is in fact sort of annoying and it does not seem to be fixed with trunk either. There has also been a bug report one and a half year ago:

though it is a bit misleading in that it mentions DBComboBox.

I can confirm this for Linux Ubuntu 16.04 / GTK2 as well, and as well did not find any settings yets to correct this with IDE / Objectinspector options.


Some people might think this is not fair, BUT:

Numer One in "This does not work - that does not work" is the rotten Apple. No discussion now.
But Numer Two is allways Ubuntu.

Based on Debian. Debian does not know nothing about desktops and is always too late with fixing errors. It is a good and stable server system. Point.

Ubuntu is know to be full of errors especialy concerning the desktop.

There are so many Linux around which bevave well, have knowledge about different desktops and cause less trouble with fpc/Lazarus.

In Germany Ubuntu is often used in school because it fits to the knowledge of the teachers.
But schools out forever. Become adult and use some other Linux.
I avoid name dropping.
It's about the problems of Ubuntu.

I have never seen such a dropdown-black-box like above.
With a lot of different Linux and Lazarus - even Debian.

So change your Linux-OS.
Not to start a  flame-war.
Just to reduce the problems.



--- Quote from: winni on December 01, 2020, 11:47:41 pm ---I have never seen such a dropdown-black-box like above.
With a lot of different Linux and Lazarus - even Debian.

So change your Linux-OS.
--- End quote ---

I have never seen it in any Ubuntu system either, and I've been using quite a lot of them with quite a lot of differents desktops (Ubuntu, Xubuntu Lubuntu, Kubuntu, ...) since 2006 and I've heard of all kind of weird problems with other distros, so no: it's not fair.

This really seems to be just a weird iteraction between the system's theme and Lazarus widgetset, probably agravated by the use of Unity in Ubuntu 16. One small test you could perform would be to see if it also happens if you restart in a gnome-fallback session or if you update to, say, Ubuntu 18. Or change your theme; way easier than changing to another distro ;)

But... Changing the development distribution or desktop manager will not solve that, when you put a combo box on a form, you don't know if the bug will appear in your application on your user's desktop.


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