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The ide can't create a OnClick event in button


Hi to all:

i have a problem, and i can't undertand wath is the problem

when i try to create a button OnCLick event with double-click in the button, the lazarus send me the following message:

Error: Unit not found: Messages

if i delete the reference to the unit messages, the error change to the next unit

if check my paths, and all is ok, but if i compile my project, this is compiled OK, and run
but the Lazarus IDE can't create my event

I note the following, my form with problem is a form external to project, this form is in another directory, because this form is inside a external control.

Thanks for all:

Make sure you have the FCL sources and that your environment options -> path to FPC sources points to them.

Thanks, it work now

i need copy the .pas unit in the same directory has the project, and then work ok

Which unit ?
If you mention messages.pas, than that's not the solution !


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