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SQLDBRestBridge - Ever increasing memory consumption.
« on: October 26, 2020, 09:37:56 pm »
Hi, community
I think the SQLDBRestbridge is probably one of the coolest new features in FPC and Lazarus (2.1), at least it is new to me  :)
It is so simple to use, yet so powerful.

Well every rose has its thorns, so here goes:
I have a present need to access (read/write) a database over the internet and thought I would solve the job with this new wonderful tool.
I use the demos as a kind of proof-of-concept, the only thing I changed is that the database i use is a MSSQL database.

I experienced two problems:
  * Every time  I connect to the REST-application it creates a new SQL connection, but it never disconnects. Solved by: "aConn.Close(True)"; in "DoAfterRequest"
  * Memory is allocated and never released, i am guessing it has to do with the SQL-connections mentioned above but I can not find out when or where I can free the connections.

My problem(s) can be recreated with the demos for both Lazarus and fpc.

  Lazarus 2.1.0 date 2020-10-20
  FPC 3.2.1
  SVN Revision 64044

  Windows 10 x64



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