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Dear Passionate Lazarus programmers,

I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology from a Department of Psychology in the UK. I have a potential job for you. With a collaborator of mine (another academic) we have developed a software in Lazarus to run experiments for undergraduate Psychology students. Unfortunately, my collaborator who has the programming skills to program in Lazarus, is very busy and does have time to make minor changes to the source code and compile the application for Windows, Mac and Linux. Please note: the source code has been coded with Lazarus compiler for Windows and is fully functional.
Would it be possible for you to make minor changes to the code and compile the application for Windows, Mac and Linux, please? Thanks

I can write further details if you are happy to help. In terms of Payment, this will be from my own pocket, so I hope your quote is not too expensive. Also we will distribute the software for free  :)

Best wishes

Senior Lecturer in Psychology


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To make a software crosscompiling for Mac and Linux (what ever for a distribution) can be a time consuming process.

One question is, do you want to distribute the source too ? If yes it can be a option to put the code in a popular distributionsystem like github and ask then for help. So anybody interested can look at the code and decide. This can be the cheapest way.

Nobody can give you a price, because nobody know your code.



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Analysis of the code is required. It's possible to create Windows centric code that's hard to port to any other OSes / architectures.


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I can write further details if you are happy to help. In terms of Payment, this will be from my own pocket, so I hope your quote is not too expensive. Also we will distribute the software for free  :)

Open or Closed source? Only asking, because if open, then you can publish first and people who might be willing to spent time can have a look first.

Otherwise, maybe give at least some info, like how many units and how many lines of code.
And a brief description of what the software typically does.

Also you should be more specific about
to make minor changes to the code
For example taking the Lazarus IDE, you could say "Replace menu text, with new more verbose text", or "change color of menu", or "add <whatever> to menu, and have it do something"

For compiling you might want to consider finding someone to do the changes, and compile to a subset of the targets (i.e. only Win and Linux).
And then to find a 2nd person who can just to the compilation.


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Dear All,

Thank you for your messages. Within a couple of hours from my initial post, I have received messages from four members of this very nice community of passionate programmes. I was very impressed. I am currently developing the open source Psychology software with one generous and passionate Lazarus programmer who has excellent/outstanding programming skills. I guess that with his great contribution, we will be able to have an optimised version of the software compiled for both Windows and MacOs relatively soon (i.e. 2/3 weeks).

At that point, it would be nice if a Linux user from this community would be keen to try compiling the optimised open source code for any Linux distribution (i.e. Ubuntu 20.04).

Lastly, for fun, it would be also nice trying to compile the program on a Raspberry Pi 4 at 64 bit OS

I will keep you updated.

Many thanks


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As a psychologist your software draws my attention --- what it does, for what purpose, etc. Currently I'm in marketing research area and trying to apply psychological theories (and methods) to marketing theory. Your programme might help me. I have written my own javascript which measures response time. Hope we can share ideas. Also I can write Lazarus codes. 


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This seems to be interesting – beyond the job announcement. Would you mind presenting your project in the Third Party board? It may also be of interest for the Scientific Pascal channel.
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 Hello, you wrote: "Would you mind presenting your project in the Third Party board? It may also be of interest for the Scientific Pascal channel".

I am an academic who without any knowledge on how to program in Lazarus had the luck to collaborate with two experienced Lazarus programers to develop a free Psychology software titled Working Memory Analyser. The open source free software examine Working Memory Capacity and proneness to visual distractor processing with Working Load. It is currently in its pre-release Version 1.0 freely available to download from

I wouldn't mind presenting my project in the Third Party board but I have a couple of questions before committing to the idea:

1) I will be able to explain 100% the functionality of the binary of the program,  but I  have 0% knowledge about the code and how the program has been developed/programmed. Is the Third Party board primarily interested to know what the program does (I.e. its funzionality) or it is more interested in understanding the programming solutions?

2) Do I need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation? How long should be my presentation? 10 minutes? 30 minutes?

3) What is the function of Third Party board? Buying the sofware? Offering a sponsorship to complete the software in terms of new modules for example to create the automatic scoring module associated with the main module ofnthe program?

Many thanks.


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No gfuggetta, its not as grandiouse at that I am afraid.

The 'board' in this case is a notice board, just one channel of this forum.  You would post a message there saying that you have finished it, telling us a bit about it and then maybe a pointer to where interested people could look for more information.,19.0.html

You could also consider making an entry in the wiki  there at least you could include a paragraph or two and maybe a screen image.


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Thank you David, for clarifying things.

I will make the announcement on the board as suggested as soon as we will have the updated version of Working Memory Analyser with new sequences of experiments to assess individual differences in working memory capacity (Experiment 1) and assessment of task-irrelevant visual distractor processing with working memory load (Experiment 2). These are the two experiments that my undergraduate project students will examine. The idea is that as soon as the new releases for Windows, MacOs and Linux (Debian/Ubuntu distributions) will be ready, everyone from the public will be able to freely install and run our open source free Psychology software from their personal computers. I will keep you updated.

Programming the Automatic scoring module of Working Memory Analyser.

Premise. Currently in order to process the behavioural results (i.e. Response times and response accuracy) in performing the experiments, it is required the intervention of an expert user (me). It would  be nice if clinicians (i.e. Clinical Neuropsychologists) will he able to run Working Memory Analyser with their  patients (i.e. Alzheimer patients, elderly people, ADHD children, traumatic brain injury patients, stroke patients, children with learning disabilities, etc..) abd the software would automatically compute and display results on screen and save them on a word file. So clinicians would be able to have a record ofnthe performance of their patients relative to the performance of the population of healthy individuals having the same age and gender of the patients (i.e. normative data).

I know 100% which computations need to be done to process the raw output *.txt data from Working Memory Analyser and obtain the scores in performing the experiments. Is there any Lazarus programmer who wishes to contribute to the project to collaborate with me and create the Automatic scoring module of Working Memory Analyser? This is a free software and the idea is that we will offer this new tool to clinicians and academics around the world. Your reward will be having your name as part of the list of contributors and your name in the acknowledgments of the future articles I will publish in international journals of Cognitive Psychology. If you are interested,  please send me an email at

Many thanks for your time and consideration.

Best wishes Giorgio.


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