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Purchase of service: Read and save data from piko measuring cart.

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Thanks for an honest estimate of the time, when I'm not a professional programmer so I don't know what a reasonable hourly/total cost of the "1- Basic function" program would be.

Thank you for helping me to see that the only economic thing is that I myself dive into the internet's waves to find code segments so that I can write the "1 - Basic function" program.

A few of the reasons I added the thread on this forum were that I like Lazarus as well as that I know there are model railers here too.
Thought it was a double win type.

I know the first post may feel poor on information, but that's what I knew then and when this thread took some momentum I "had to" look for that information, so you (the reader) and I have learned more about this cart.

So I withdraw my offer to pay someone to create a program for me.


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