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Hello to all forum members,

I've added separators items to spkToolbar component. 2 sizes of separators are now available (large and small), as you can see on attached screenshots of the modified "actions" demo.

The changes are mainly a new ButtonKind (bkSeparator) added on TspkLargeButton and TspkSmallButton, and modifications to handle it on the necessary procedures (those that deal with drawing and size calculations).

You'll find attached the modified "spkt_Button.pas" unit (the only one I change beside demo), and if someone could "upload" it (or merge the changes) in the repository, that would be great :). All changes are commented out, starting with "// Husker". if needed, I can upload also the modified demos, or the whole package, if someone tell me how to do (the attachments size and number limitation, you know :-[...)

To be honest, I'm a hobbyist developer that only play with Lazarus, reminding me the old days when I did the same thing with Delphi Personal Edition, almost 10 years ago, and I don't know how to use SVN and all this sort of thing. As I don't want and have time to learn how to use them, I think it's better spending time trying to improve components than fighting with SVN stuff...

Last precision : I work on Windows 10 1903, and haven't tested the changes on other platforms as I don't have access to them.

Feel free to give me feedback or comments.



You can
-create account on GitHub
-create new repo there "spkToolbar"
-don't install git! Go to your repo, and use web site to Make new file (button "Add file" above file list), to Edit it later, etc. All via browser!

Wouldn't this create a sort of alternate version of spkToolbar ? Moreover, it won't be accessible via the Online Package Manager ? I see that the current package is hosted on Sourceforge, not on GitHub...

Thanks for this nice contribution. Good to see that people are taking the time to dig into lots of code.

I applied your changes to the current trunk version on CCR; I modified a few places to activate high-dpi scaling of the new lateral dimensions.

Thanks for the uploading of the changes, wp :).

When I used Delphi PE 10 years ago, I enjoyed time spend to understand how the components worked, and creating new ones as exercises for me. I think I have the same kind of great time to do the same thing using Lazarus :).

spkToolbar interests me a lot: it's a good attempt to mimic the Windows ribbon, without using anything from the original library. I'm pretty sure that some things are not possible to mimic (quick access toolbar in window title, contextual tab with "titlebar overlay tab") at least for my programming skill, but maybe it's possible to add some more stuff.

I'll know dig in the drawing and position of the tabs, just to see if it's possible to push them a little bit on the right side, to leave space to add a sort of "menu button".


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