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« on: September 18, 2020, 12:34:12 pm »
Hey everyone! I just discovered FastHTMLParser and i am liking it a lot. But after some google work i found out that there is a newer version available than the one included in FPC. I was just wondering if there is any plans to include this version in the newer updates of FPC? This newer version offers the ability to assign procedures to the OnTagFound and OnTextFound properties instead of procedure of object. this makes programming a bit easier seeing as you just have to write the procedure and assign it instead of creating a whole object just for the procedure. You can still do it that way though and is still compatible with the one that is included in FPC.
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Re: FastHTMLParser
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You should try to extract the changes relative to fpc-trunk and post a report on bugtracker (link in the left sidebar of the forum).
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Re: FastHTMLParser
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I posted some issues to its Github, better wait for fixes.


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Re: FastHTMLParser
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Also note fpReportHTMLParser from fcl-report.


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