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SOLVED -Where did the trunk release and build mode go in the latest trunk R63838

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latest Lazarus trunk on lubuntu 20.04.1

i used to have my Lazarus ide window title as
project - path - build mode - Lazarus version - trunk release

with the latest trunk this changed to
project - path -  Lazarus version

in tools options - window i have checked all options starting wit ide title ....

what gives?

Where did you get your previous version from?

Mine shows:
Lazarus IDE v2.1.0

The "v2.1.0" means trunk.

However it is simply a string, that is defined in some unit (I don't recall which). It gets updated on each release or fixes branch creation.

So if I where to build (or publish a source.tgz), I could but anything into that string.
Maybe your previous build had the "trunk release" part in that string?

Btw the term "trunk release" makes no sense whatsoever.
There is no such thing.

"Trunk" is not (nor will ever be / nor even can ever be) a release.
"Trunk" refers to a branch in svn.

yes, sorry about the confusing language.
i have downloaded the trunk version some time ago, and keep it updated via svn up and build bigide.

it used to show Lazarus IDE v2.1.0 -R63868 for me.

but i also lost the build mode, which i miss much more....

Not tested, but if you build yourself, the revision might depend on "svn" being found (and returning a readable result).

If the svn revision is also missing in the "help" > "about" dialog, then likely the issue is with the build failing to get it from svn.

The build mode:
Tools > Options > Environment > Window: "Ide title shows selected build mode"

That works for me, with r 63840

ok, fixed the build mode, it only shows the build mode if you hve more than Default.
it seems i deleted my prod build mode somehow

the help- about shows the svn revision.

Lazarus 2.1.0 r63838M FPC 3.0.4 x86_64-linux-gtk2

so i am still unsure why it does not show up in the window title.

thanks for your help so far,


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