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lazarus equivalent of qt5 formlayout


is there a lazarus equivalent of the qt5 formlayout widget?
This widget simplifies the setup and layout of an input trmendously by providing test, input edit and alignment of both.
the closest i have come is TLabeledEdit, but that is one line only aand does not setup alignment with other TLabelEdits automatically

Hello muller59,
Welcome to the forum.

I don't know much about QT form layout, so I searched the web for it. I found an interesting video:

That was impressive.

Did you meant something like that. If yes, then you will be disappointed. Lazarus does not have such feature. Luckily similar behavior can be achieve using combination of:

- Align
- Anchors
- BorderSpacing
- Constraint
- TPanel
- TSplitter

I admit it isn't as easy as QT form layout, but it is not too hard either. Lazarus/FPC is very powerful, you can do a lot things if you have the knowledge.

If you're new in Lazarus/Pascal, here are some worth to read pages:

The Autosize/Layout capabilities of Lazarus provide enough to implement this. Maybe one should add an example for such a generic layout...

Handoko, PascalDragon,

thanks for the replies. i see i have much reading to do, but i will get there.
making the switch from qt5 with python to lazarus has been an uphill battle so far.


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