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--- Code: ---[quote]What is also strange, if I try to upload the "am" from Arduino with bossac 1.9.1, it doesn't work either.[/quote]

With the 1.9.1 it also works halfway. You simply have to press the reset button after each upload.
Unfortunately, you also have to do this if you disconnect the DUE from the power supply and reconnect it. Which of course is stupid, you want the program to start immediately if there is a power failure.

By the way, my Linux Mint comes with bossac 1.9.1 by default, you just have to install it as follows:

[codel]sudo apt-get install bossac
--- End code ---

Now I've almost managed it, now the program starts immediately after uploading, it also starts immediately as soon as the DUE gets power.
As a test program, I used a simple blinker.

But now the DUE has a very strange shortcoming. The program runs for about 10 seconds, then it pauses, also for about 10 seconds, then it starts again, etc.

I'm using Bossac 1.9.1 now

Does anyone have any advice?

The DUE now has the shortcoming with the following parameters:

--- Code: ---/bin/bossac -e -b -s -R -v -w Project1.bin   
--- End code ---


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