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Simba - programmable task automatization software
« on: June 01, 2014, 10:31:06 am »
Simba is a program used to repeat certain (complicated) tasks. Typically these tasks involve using the mouse and keyboard. Simba is programmable, which means you can design your own logic and steps that Simba will follow, based upon certain input.

This “input” can vary greatly; from data in files to colors and text on the screen.

Simba is:

        Open Source. (under the GPL license) (For more information see Source code).
        Reliable but still maturing.
        Cross platform.

Simba can:

        Find and read colours on the screen.
        Click or move the mouse to a specific position on the screen. Typically this is the position of a found color or bitmap.
        Read text on the screen and turn it into actual text. (Optical Character Recognition)
        Capture and analyse images on the screen.
        Read and write files.
        Connect to the internet to read websites and post data to them.
        Run pascal programs for you. If you’re a bit creative you can have a lot of fun stuff with Simba, you could even make a game in it!

and more.

Source code:
Getting installer:

Written in Lazarus.

Thank you for you attention!


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Re: Simba - programmable task automatization software
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2020, 07:33:51 pm »
Don't want to anger anybody with raising an old post, but the Simba tool and community is still quite relevant.  For those that know Object Pascal, using Simba will be quite easy, as it uses the Pascal language (PascalScript).  Playing with it, this tool can compete with the likes of popular automation scripting tools that use C++ interpreters, such as AutoIt and AutoHotkey.  There is also a whole world to explore for RDA/RPA, which is also very popular too.  Even more, using Free Pascal, it is cross-platform and the latest RC works on Linux instead of only on Windows.

The documentation shows many of its abilities and potential.

It's still being actively developed.  The latest release candidate.

As Simba is created with Free Pascal and Lazarus, for personal and open-source projects it's also quite possible to borrow functions from it or learn how it solves various automation tasks. 


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