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I have written a program to play the card game hearts. It's not a super-duper pro level product, just my own little effort. But it does have some interesting things in it that I put in for fun, like being able to reveal hands, adjust the rate of play, replay a hand, and an auto-play mode. It's GPL'ed.

More info and pointers to the download and source are here.

Hello neophyte,
Welcome to the forum.

That's look good.
Thank you for released it in GPL, so others can learn from it.

You should consider to also put it on Project Using Lazarus > Games:

Thanks to the Lazarus and Freepascal teams for great tools and language capabilities. The "set" type made programming card operations easy and a lot of fun.

New version of Hearts date-stamped September 3, 2020. Computer opponents are now harder to defeat. They also take the relative scores of other players into account when selecting cards to play. As before, source is here.

Cool game  8-)

I've added it to the Games Gallery.


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