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Pascal origin, where does it come from

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--- Quote from: Blade on August 08, 2020, 11:13:50 am ---Yes, information about Pascal's and Wirth's connection to Ada is hard to come by too, though in looking at Ada, it becomes readily apparent.  Even Wiki makes no mention of Wirth's influence on Ada, though gives a brief mention of Pascal.

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Adding to a rather old thread for historical completeness. Via I find hence

--- Quote --- David Fisher acted as the Secretariat for the HOLWG, and so became the one who assembled, sifted, correlated, and integrated the requirements, since during the first couple of years, this was the primary action and output of the HOLWG. Fisher had designed machines at Burroughs and taught at Vanderbilt University, before joining IDA. His position was that of the technical heart of the project. It would be improper to say that he "wrote" the requirements, since this was an integration effort of Service needs with worldwide technical input. However, he that produced the final requirements documents; these were his offspring.

The resulting document, entitled STRAWMAN [HOLWG, 1975a], was forwarded to the Military Departments, other government agencies, the academic community, and industry. Additionally, a number of technical experts outside the United States were solicited for comments. The European community was especially responsive, particularly valuable since language research had been more active there than in the United States over the previous decade. ONR London paid several academics (Dijkstra, Hoare, Wirth, ...) to provide inputs, but we got more valuable aid from European industry.

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Burroughs was, of course, heavily into ALGOL-60 derivatives for its mainframes, which by the mid-70s would probably have been the B6800 series with semiconductor memory rather than core.

I can't find any more information on who the other paid consultants were, but it's interesting to speculate that there was substantial overlap with the authors and supporters of the ALGOL-68 "Minority Report", i.e. Dijkstra, Duncan, Garwick, Hoare, Randell, Seegmuller, Turski, Woodger, Naur and Wirth.



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