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SIGSEGV on record delete
« on: July 26, 2020, 12:00:12 pm »
There is a DBGrid that displays records from an SQLQuery (backed up by an IBConnection).
Often - but not always - when I delete a record form the grid (using Del or a DBNavigator Delete button), I get an External:SIGSEGV exception and the debugger opens an Assembler window in function TDoubleLinkedBufIndex.CompareBookmarks. I guess one of the pointers passed may be invalid.

The record is already deleted, so that probably happens  when the DBGrid removes the line and tries to adjust itself.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this, or at least if there is some way around it?

P.S. The same scenario works fine if the dataset is an IBQuery (from IBX), so I'd point a finger at TBufDataset and friends...


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