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Installing and using on DOSBox/FreeDOS


I'm starting a new pet project, and I want to make it run in good ol' DOS systems.  I've tried to install FPC but I've found a problem.  See attached image:  the installer renders incorrectly, and after clicking the Ok button it shows another dialog with another message I can't read and exists.

I'm using DOSBox 0.74-3 on Xubuntu 20.04 LTS, FPC is 3.2.0.

A little off-topic but related with my plans, I see FPC uses GO32v2, but I'm going to use DJgpp too, which uses CWSDPMI server instead.  Are they compatible?  I mean, if I create a library (.a) with DJgpp, can I link it to a Pascal program using {$L } directive?  What about the other way around (link Pascal units with a C program)?

Seems to be a DOSBox issue, as I've tryed on Qemu+FreeDOS and looks ok. 

Now problem is that FreeDOS doesn't seem to suport Long Name Files so it doesn't install the compiler (fpc.exe? Why? it doesn't has a long name!).


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