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Ehlib - Documentation
« on: July 25, 2020, 10:38:03 am »
Is there any better documentation, or are there any better demo for Ehlib dbgrid than the one available on the web site or with the demonstration apps.

I am looking at this control - it looks good, but I need better help. Everything I do causes access violations, ... I am sure that this is caused by my misunderstanding. I need help.

Any suggestions .......

I thought I would a little more specific -

I am mainly interested in these two functions

1. Moving rows
2. Row grouping.

I understand that I need to use the EhMemDataset. Do I have to copy all rows from my dataset (SQLQuery) manually or is there a quick way?

How do I make changes in the grid reflect in my SQLite DB?

When grouping, is it possible to make the group header unselectable?

I'm sure more questions will arise  :-[
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