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Target OS, CPU family and Processor - filtering issue


This is not a question, but suggestion, probably easy to implement.

What set Target OS, CPU family in IDE regardless what is chosen show, is simply full list of all it have. For instance, if choose Embedded or even Atari OS, listed CPU family is as well x64-86 etc, which of course have no sense at all.

Target processor is filtered properly, according to CPU family. Only CPU family should be filtered properly regarding Target OS.

The compiler is CPU based. So if some restriction is made it would only make sense to restrict the OS list based on the selected CPU, because there the IDE can query the compiler for the supported targets (fpc -it) otherwise this would require FPC devs that add a new processor architecture to adjust the Lazarus IDE as well if they want to test cross compilation from within the IDE. And if a fixed list is used (instead of querying the compiler) then FPC devs would need to do this for any new target.


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