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Dict4Laz - Translate anything with Lazarus
« on: July 21, 2020, 03:53:22 pm »
Hi to all, who need Translations for their multilingual Apps (or for personal Use).

Since many Years, I use 'QuickDic' to translate 'German <-> English':
This Dictionary is really very good and fast, but:
- it's German/English, only
- it's not open-source, and
- its Vocabulary is only accessible via the QuickDic-App.  :(

Knowing the Abilities & Features of 'QuickDic', I've been searching for Years for something comparable to translate
'German <-> Spanish', but never succeeded in Finding something even coming near to it.  :(

Of course, there are lots of more or less sophisticated online Dictionaries, but I was Looking for something with really
huge Vocabulary, that can be used offline, too (-> more comfortable, faster, no InternetConnection required).
Apps like 'Poedit' are not sufficient for the Kind of Translations, that I need.

So, if You ever struggled around with reliable and authentic Translations, e.g. for Your multilingual App,
the Following might be helpful for You, too...

Some Weeks ago, I stumbled over '':, which
is called "a Wikipedia for translations" by its Creator & Maintainer, Paul Hemetsberger:

Sounds good, so I checked out that Site, and it's really much more than a "normal" online multilingual Dictionary, because it...

- translates innumerable Languages to each other, including even not commonly used Languages

- has tremendous Vocabularies, optionally separated by Branches:

- has a Forum for professional Translators from all over the world:

- offers a 'Vocabulary Trainer', for those, who want to learn or practise a Language:

- lets You download all Vocabularies as tab-delimited Text-Files (this is, what I liked most):  :)
  -> GoTo "Click here to download the vocabulary database file"

- provides Links to diverse Apps for alternative offline Use of those Vocabularies:

To complete my Checkings, I tried out some of the Vocabulary-TXT-Files with
"7. Ding for Windows" (= 'ding4win', written in Python): and with
this simplest Dictionary by 'LazPlanet':
And it works.

With '', You can get any Translation from Professionals for a bunch of Languages and Branches, either on- or offline, and
You may even write Your own DictionaryApp for one or several Languages - that's, what I'd call 'Dict4Laz'.  ;)
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