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The Wiki contains these two ever-growing pages:

* Lazarus Application Gallery
* Projects using Lazarus

and there is duplication between the two. Between 2012 and 2014 this issue was discussed on the respective talk pages. Time has continued to pass and the pages have continued to grow.

There are also other language pages of both, most are years out of date and many have mostly English content.

I propose doing the following unless there are any serious objections:

* Merge the two English pages and categorise
* Merge the each pair of other language pages and strip the English content leaving just the other language content.

If the merged English page is too big, retain the page as a table of contents and split the listings by category.

Any alternative ideas are also welcome!

Also this one:

Different URL, but exactly the same content:


--- Quote from: Handoko on July 16, 2020, 03:14:43 pm ---Different URL, but exactly the same content:

--- End quote ---

It's the same content, because they are the same. The backend database is the same for both and, there are only some very small differences (like the logo).

I know we are not to please Google. But Google advises not to create duplicate contents. Because it confuses visitors.

arent: should be merged into . No objections since 2014...


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