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generics and rtti
« on: July 18, 2020, 04:05:18 am »
please, in addition to the material found on, where else can I read more about generics and rtti?

I have a lot of doubts and I would like to go into more detail about it... and I would like to know better, to prevent me from asking stupid questions, which could probably be easily answered...

so please, what do you guys suggest?


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Re: generics and rtti
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2020, 02:27:04 pm »
Aside from what's mentioned in the language reference guide (with the exception of generic routines) and the documentation of the TypInfo unit for low level access (there is also the Rtti unit starting with 3.2.0, but that is not yet documented) it might indeed be best to ask "stupid questions" (a common saying in German is "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers" ;) ).


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