Author Topic: can i use lazarus to make shareware or business ware for registry fee?  (Read 338 times)


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can i use lazarus to make shareware or business ware for registry fee?
need to open source?


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thank you very much.


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In shorts, it means:

1. You can use Lazarus to build freeware/shareware, commercial/business software
2. The software do not have to be released as open source
3. But if you use any third party library, you have to check their license first


4. The default-installed libraries (LCL) are in LGPL with exception, you can use it to build closed/commercial software

5. But if you improved/modified any LCL or Lazarus code and wish to publish the unit or the-modified Lazarus, you have to conform with its license, with usually means releasing it as open source

6. Lazarus comes with third party components (non-LCL), which is not enabled by default. If you want to use it, you have to check their license first.

That's what I knew. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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As others said, the (unmodified) LCL is fine (TForm, TButton, TLabel, and similar)
With those you can build your app, sell it for millions, and keep all of it (except taxes, but that's not our fault).

Other components you need to check.
- SynEdit for example existed before lazarus, so it has (must have) the license from the original, which is (please check / from memory) MPL/GPL)
- Including code from the IDE (e.g. ide directory): GPL (but its not a packages, so you need to copy the files, unlikely.
- Including code form the debugger(s): GPL
- Code from the designer: ...
- Pascal Script: See readme and REMObject's license

If you look at the project inspector, you see the packages used.
You can open each package (and from there further dependencies of more packages) and check the license.

And yes, it would be nice, if there was an easier way to get an overview....
Anyone wants to contribute?


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