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RXnew: RXnew does not compile in Lazarus 2.0.10

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I check on fresh install lazarus 2.0.10 with fpc 3.2.0 and after rebuid lazarus with "Clean and build all".

Edit: rxnew from OPM installed without any problems

I'm trying to compile rxnew from SVN, because the one from OPM is very old.

You must be doing something very wrong, or your rx installation is defective. rxnew.lpk definitely has a registration procedure. Download the package again. Note that the Lazarus Component and Code Repository (CCR) contains several variants of the rx library. Only the one in is the most current one.

I downloaded from this link. Earlier I had r7534.
Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. I've never had such a problem before.

rxnew.lpk from version r7386, which I used in Lazarus 2.0.8, opens correctly.


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