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Problem with gtk3 when compile empty app

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--- Quote ---I would go as far as to suggest there would be no downside to simply copying and pasting the entire CodeTyphon version of the GTK3 LCL
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We had changes in LCL GTK3 regarding MsgBoxes issues (Application.MessageBox, LCLIntf.MessageBox, MessageDialog, InputDialog....). Not sure Typhoon guys have our fixes. I will test again if needed.

Well, assuming they have left the structure pretty much the same, we could graft back method by method. A couple of sdiff runs in order...

And, also assuming there are no licensing complications. Thats a given but better check I suppose.


El Salvador:

--- Quote from: dbannon on January 16, 2022, 08:22:02 am ---Yep, I have to agree, CT appears to be doing GTK3 better than Lazarus.  Someone has been very busy, what a pity they have not pushed those improvements back to Lazarus where they started from !

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I see it pretty tough, given the attitude of the codetyphon developers.

I copied their LCL-GTK3 sources on top of ours and looked at the diff. It is not much.
Some of the changes did not compile. A boolean was tested against a number for example.
They must have changed the binding code under their components/ca_libGTKv3. Lazarus has similar files under lcl/interfaces/gtk3/gtk3bindings. I did not copy or compare those files exactly. Could somebody else please do it?

The actual LCL-GTK3 code is in lcl/interfaces/gtk3.
The changes I saw there were WriteLn changed to DebugLn, some typecasts etc. minor tweaking which cannot explain big improvements at runtime.
I cleaned the DebugLns more, added license headers etc. and committed.

--- Quote from: dbannon on January 16, 2022, 08:22:02 am ---Yep, I have to agree, CT appears to be doing GTK3 better than Lazarus.

--- End quote ---
Please give an example where the CT version works better. I didn't test CT now much. Actually I was not able to install it as normal user. Installing as root caused some hassle later.
I followed instructions and added my user name to sudoers, yet the installer complained I don't have sudo rights.
Some years ago I was able to install with normal user if I remember right.

Juha, I just tried my GTK3 test projects against a week or so old trunk and again, more works than I expected.

But Radio buttons in a Radio Group box do not, strangly in a Group they are OK ???

Seems to be a lot of anchoring problems.

And a crash at exit, I traced down the guilting component behind that crash but don't remember whar I found  :(  but I will chase up some notes when I get some free time.

Do I understand you as saying you have committed the CT code to real Lazarus ?  I could test it against Main ?



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