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Editing text in DBEdit Text box
« on: June 28, 2020, 03:42:31 pm »
I have a main form with a DBGrid which is populated with customer records.
I have a 2nd form which is used for editing the record from the main form DBGrid.
The 2nd form has 2 DBEdit text box and 1 DBmemo box and its Datasource is linked to the main form DataSource.

I notice that when I try to edit the text in the 2 DBEdit text box, I have to highlight the whole text box before it allow me to edit the text inside the box.
This is not good because I have to retype the whole text again in the text box but I only want to edit a few characters in the text box.

I do not have this problem in the DBmemo box as I can click anywhere in the memo text box to do editing.

I could not find any solution to the DBEdit text box and hope that someone can help out on this issue.
I have attached the project and sample database for your testing.

All help are appreciated.


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