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FPC 3.2.0 Released !

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Finally, the Free Pascal 3.2.0 release is available from our servers and from sourceforge.

Changes that may break backwards compatibility will be documented at:

For an overview of what is new see

The website has been update for the major targets and work is still being done for the rest.

All downloads are available at the main FTP server and sourceforge.


The Free Pascal Compiler Team

Wow !!!!
Great job.

Thanks !!!

Nice  :)
Thanks all!


--- Quote from: marcov on June 20, 2020, 12:09:32 pm ---Finally, the Free Pascal 3.2.0 release is available from our servers and from sourceforge.

--- End quote ---
Thank you Marco and others!

I believe my Manjaro Linux will be updated in a week or so. This is one reason why frequent releases are important. Even rolling distributions publish just official releases although they try to provide the latest versions quickly. Their strategy does not work if an SW project does not release.
Other distributions would benefit from frequent releases, too. They just have a delay.

From my POV there is even a more important reason for frequent releases. Lazarus development version (trunk) is supposed to compile and work with 2 latest FPC releases. The rule would be reasonable with a decent FPC release cycle but with the current situation it is not. Most people must build their compilers themselves by some means. Many recent commits have not worked with the latest release 3.0.4 any more. The second latest 3.0.2 has not even been tested for years.

I sincerely ask FPC project to create a proper release schedule and to stick with it!
3.2 was branched almost 2 years ago. FPC trunk is much ahead of it already. A new main release should be branched soon (this year) and released next year.

Thank you team for your hard work.


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