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LAzarus and cs keyboard

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--- Quote from: "DRK" ---well we have more chars then others, there are located on keys where are digits or special chars. Without them i cannot regurally write czech text :0(

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I understand that. (More non english languages have that)

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in standard english there are ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ in czech aábc?dd'eé?fghchiíjklmnn'pqr?s?tt'u?úvwxyz? its not realy problem and in linux it works fine, many of these chars are located on top of keyboard where in english are !@#$%^&*{}=...... and part of them doesnot work especially chars under 23456 keys... :0( ... Its relay sucha problem? what about russian azbuka and others...
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Yes it is really a problem, the problem is as follow:
As I said, the editor depends on winapi, to be more specific the WM_KEY messages.  Those messages contain only the unshifted VK_ keyvalues. From GTK we get the shifted values.  So we need to "translate" those values.  For all "foreign" chars I think it isn't translated right.
If I understand it right, you are able to enter upper ASCII chars with a single keystroke ?

Hmmm... mayby I should get such keyboard :)


--- Quote from: "DRK" ---In all other aplications keyboard works fine, but in Lazarus source code editor it did not... used font is ok i can simply copy czech chars using CTRL+C/CTRL+V but when i try write it directly, some keys on czech keyboard does not work /for examle ???? / us keyboard work fine...  :0(((
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OK, I'm working on this and if all goes well it should work better :)

Question: What font are you using in the source code editor ?
It seems that I can only find 2char fonts to display czech chars and the editor doesn't like that.

OK, I should be fixed now :)


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