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Can anybody help me? I use Lazarus 0.9.0.(1 and 2) fpc v 1.0.10 on Mandrake Linux 9.1. and KDE 3.1, and i need to use czech keyboard.  In all other aplications keyboard works fine, but in Lazarus source code editor it did not... used font is ok i can simply copy czech chars using CTRL+C/CTRL+V but when i try write it directly, some keys on czech keyboard does not work /for examle ???? / us keyboard work fine...  :0(((

What's so special about czech keyboard ?
Where is the / located ?

The reason why it works in other applications and not in the code editor is that the codeeditor is originally a Delphi project and it is havely based on win32 API. So also for keyhandling.
The current solution is based on a generic keyboard where special CRTL/SHFT/etc -key combinations doent work.
We have ideas to get around it, but don't know if it is implemented soon (if possibele at all)

well we have more chars then others, there are located on keys where are digits or special chars. Without them i cannot regurally write czech text :0(
in standard english there are ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ in czech aábc?dd'eé?fghchiíjklmnn'pqr?s?tt'u?úvwxyz? its not realy problem and in linux it works fine, many of these chars are located on top of keyboard where in english are !@#$%^&*{}=...... and part of them doesnot work especially chars under 23456 keys... :0( ... Its relay sucha problem? what about russian azbuka and others...

I have tried Kylix 3 open. /but it is not open at all.. :0(/ And i must say that kylix source code editor works fine with czech keyboard...

And again some of theese chars does not need using CTRL-SHIFT.... combinations and still they does not work :0(...


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