Author Topic: transmission/codage des fichiers *.exe windows par courriel grace a FPC .  (Read 823 times)


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Bonjour .
Je suis intéressé par la transmission des fichiers exécutables windows par courriel sous forme d'un codage +/- facile .
Il m'a semblé possible d'utiliser plusieurs "niveaux" par des programmes PASCAL développés par Fpc sous Fp-Ide .
J'ai développé un "niveau 1" qui n'augmente pas de 1 Octet le poids du fichier (je l'appelle nabbucco.exe" .
Il n'est pas documenté ici car la limite des téléchargements ici est trop petite (< 250 KB ) .
Je vous envoie donc un simple "niveau 2" qui lui double le nombre d'octets du fichier transmis ( "courriel.txt").
Il en existe aussi un "niveau 3" qui pratique le cryptage fort (machine NP-difficile) avec steganographie mais qui
fait "exploser" la taille de l'image "*.png" transmise . Amicalement. Yves .  ;D
Good Evening.
I try 3 levels of transmission of coding "*.exe" files for e-mail.
This attachment ( <250KB ) describes the "level 2" that multiply by two the size of the transmitted file.
It has been done (the 3 levels) under PASCAL Fpc Compiler with the use of "fp-ide".
If somebody is interested by this, it would be helpfull, to transmit work results during this confined season ?
Friendly. Yves .  :)


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Base64 encoding becomes 8/6 times larger, and is included with FPC.


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I know Marcov and I agree with you for the use of qword. In fact I use some of the routines in "envoiier.pas" in a very exciting program on Genetic Algorithm (David Goldberg) mixed with Gray Codes. The old versions work fine on optimization on populations and now I am working with qword to represent chromosoma for a better precision of "real" in calculations in an R**4 space with beautiful PtcGraph+PtcCrt HDMI representation. BUT, qword are difficult to manage close to 2**(63) limits - so I use also arrays of
Alleles [0..1] of any size. Friendly. Yves.
P.S. (I shall try to send a 284Ko (too big ?) picture of my GA) ! ...
P.P.S. I have compressed the AlgoGray1.jpg in to be < 250 Kb ( others view are ++ huges) .


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Good morning friends.
The Web - fori have found the best "solution" to transmit *.exe
"Domi" told me to use not only zipped files but also with "password".
And It works fine ! No Problem !
My PASCAL Fpc file : "algol.exe" is beautifully executed with PtcGraph+PtcCrt
under HDMI on remote Computer.
Friendly Yours. Yves.
So the subject is [CLOSED] .  :D :D :D


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