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MP3 id3 tag v2

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Fred vS:

--- Quote ---If you read the first 3 bytes, and they are equal to "ID3", then skip to the 7th byte, then read the header size.
--- End quote ---

About the length stored in id3 tag v2, it is a "synchsafe integer".

Fred vS:
The best ot the best id3 tag v2 Pascal Open Source reader-editor is, imho, the one from OvOPlayer:

With his own, independent, tag v2 decoder in Pascal source (WOW):

It can deal also with picture.

Fred VS, OVOPlayer looks good.......

Fred vS:

--- Quote ---Fred VS, OVOPlayer looks good.......
--- End quote ---

Imho, OvOPlayer is the tenor of what has be done with Lazarus for audio players.

Like LazPaint who is the reference in graphic application.

Dear All

I have a similar need and am exploring BASS.  Can Fred vS or anyone clarify what UOS is: "uos does what you need."

It is not a link and a google search here from the UK does not reveal anything

Thanks and wait to hear


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