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Rich-text columns in VirtualTree
« on: May 18, 2020, 11:41:03 am »
We've just released an update of our rich text editor components (TRichView). Now it supports Virtual TreeView: you can use it to display and edit cells.
There are two ways to use it:
  • in TVirtualDrawTree, using events
  • in the new TRVVirtualStringTree component
In TRVVirtualStringTree, you can have both plain-text and rich-text columns.
Rich-text cells can contain complex documents (including pictures, tables, lists, links, etc.).

The following features are supported:
  • ability to have more than one rich text column
  • inplace editing
  • calculating item heights (and updating them even while editing)
  • saving/loading rich text content when tree nodes are saved/loaded
  • receiving a plain text representation of rich text content (for example, it is useful for sorting)

Windows platform only (sorry).


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