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The "Alternative Main Page" page was removed.

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Congratulations, what's next? It was an excellent page. For my part I leave the wiki.

You are aware that the person who designed that Alternative Main Page also redesigned the real Main Page to be more usable (with input from the core devs of both FPC and Lazarus) thus that alternative was no longer required?

No, because I do not see to Chronos.

History Alternative Main Page

We were honestly not aware that anyone was using it, except for alternative of the old main page. (Which is what the title implied).
So when the main page was updated, the alternative page was removed.

I can still get the content from the deletion log. (as admin).

I do not think, it should still be called "alternative main". (My opinion...)
But it could be restored under some other title.

I do not know how much of the content in there is covered by current Portals. Such as Databases, or Debugging

I have temporary restored it in its current place.

As indicated, "Alternative main page" is no longer a title that should be used for it. IMHO
Also, lots of works was invested into portals. So maybe a good idea to check for duplicates here. (and link to the portals were appropriate)

A new page could then be created, under an appropriate link. I can't currently think of anything real good, other than "Introduction Link Collection" or similar.

Please let me know, if you want to take care of it. Then I will leave the page until you can finish it. After that it can be deleted from its current spot again.

I hope this is a helpful solution to everyone.


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