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Post Apocalyptic Petra, a small 3D platform game for MS-DOS (with sources)

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Just tested on Linux, it was complaining about not find SDL unit. I've added Engine/SDL in the search path and that solved the problem. Of course I needed to install libsdl development files.

Another thing, the GSound variable is not initialized on Linux, so it crashes whenever it accesses it. Maybe adding a fake sound driver in this case? I've added some "If Assigned(GSound)" and that seems to work.

Now the game runs, but the colors are buggy. The palette of the textures seem a bit undefined. See attachment. Also the window is very small. Maybe it can be turned to fullscreen?

Bad Sector:
The SDL code was written about two months ago as a quick and dirty port to Linux so i could use a profiler under an emulated Pentium MMX running Slackware (though it didn't end up helping much since perf requires functionality that is only available on Pentium Pro, which isn't emulated by 86box). That was before i had written any code for sound, so it makes sense it doesn't work (and perhaps there are a couple of other things that do not work).

About the colors, the palette is actually fine (notice the 3D models) but for some reason it looks like the wall textures are not loaded and replaced with an "error" texture (it looks like garbage because i used another palette when i originally made it and didn't convert the texture to the new one). Check if you have a Data/Walls directory with files names 1.raw, 2.raw, etc.

I'll make a proper port at some point and most likely will use X11 and ALSA directly instead of SDL since SDL has some issues i dislike and also perform scaling like the Win32 version. This one was a quick port though for development reasons so SDL was fine for that purpose.

No problem.

I have the Walls directory inside Data.

Bad Sector:
Hm weird, it should work then. Perhaps some case issues? It should be 'Data/Walls/1.raw' (notice the capitalized D and W).

Nope case seems fine.


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