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Post Apocalyptic Petra, a small 3D platform game for MS-DOS (with sources)

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Bad Sector:
You might find this interesting: there was a game jam recently for making an MS-DOS game, so i decided to try and make one in Free Pascal. The jam was for two months (originally one, but extended due to Covid stuff - which was perfectly fine for me as i could take my time to do things) so there was plenty of time to do something interesting.

I decided to make a simple 3D game and after a while i made a simple 3D platformer/adventure hybrid (really more of an adventure game and less of a platformer, though initially i had more platforming in mind), kinda reminiscent of early Tomb Raider games but in a sci-fi setting.

I'd attach some screenshots but i can't see a way to do that, but you can find everything here:

The game comes with an editor and the source code under zlib license. The game itself only needs Free Pascal to compile and the editor needs Lazarus. I think both are also decently commented so you could use them as a base for another game (the game specific bits are in their own directory so it shouldn't be hard to rip them out). However since both of them (as well as an animation tool that i haven't uploaded anywhere yet because it isn't very usable - i'll try to fix its issues and upload it at some point later) were made in the span of two months - actually more like ~5-6 weeks since i was busy playing the Dishonored series after they got released on GOG :-P - they are a bit hacky at points. And there are some bugs of course. Also they're far from optimized (the game looks like TR1 but needs at least a Pentium 3 for smooth gameplay - though if you have one with a real CRT, it will be very smooth as the game's refresh rate is the same as the VGA refresh rate which makes motion feel butter smooth on a CRT VGA monitor).

If you want to see some snapshot's of the game's development check my YouTube videos:

Search for "DOS software render test" - that was the first video when i started writing the game and go upwards, i was uploading progress videos every few days (there are some big gaps - that was when i was playing Dishonored :-P).

EDIT: attached screenshots


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Click on "Attachments and other options" to access that funcionality in the post editor (see attached image ;) )

Bad Sector:

--- Quote from: lucamar on May 13, 2020, 08:37:46 am ---Click on "Attachments and other options" to access that funcionality in the post editor (see attached image ;) )

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Thanks, i expected some sort of insert image button in the editor toolbar :-P

Great, another game to the bag. ;)

I'm not a Tomb Raider fan but I'll give it a try.

Bad Sector:
Well, even though it looks like Tomb Raider, it plays more like an adventure game than a 3D platformer. There is some platforming in there but it is mostly easy stuff. Most of the time you'd be exploring the rooms and solving simple code puzzles.


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