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Problem linking for Xtensa (ESP32)

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--- Quote from: on October 04, 2020, 01:36:02 pm ---It would be very helpful if someone could share a working fpc.cfg file for xtensa (ESP32)
I have both Linux and Windows 10 but so far no success due to missing xtensa tools however they are on the system
I am unfamiliar with cross compilation for embedded & RTOS so I don't really know how to create the config or where to place the executable files

--- End quote ---

Are you trying to compile for embedded or freertos target?  Embedded should be easier to set up, but then you have to write quite a bit of code to configure the cores, set up interrupt handlers, memory manager etc.  FreeRTOS target perform all the configuration of the processors, but linking to the SDK is a little bit more tricky (but the required steps are documented in the wiki).

Post the specific compiler errors you encountered.
How are you creating the cross compiler? Using make, or install with fpcupdeluxe? If using make, please show the full command line you used.
Are the cross tools (e.g. xtensa-esp32-elf-ld on Linux) in the path or not? If not pass the location to these utilities to the compiler using the -FD option.


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