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RBXGrid: Problem with totals in footer


Lazarus 2.0.8
Windows 10 64bit


Hello, everybody.

I am currently creating an application with Lazarus 2.0.8.

In this application are two tables (tblMembers, tblShares) in an 1:n relation. Reading several posts in this forum I am trying the RX tools. I use the TRxDBgrid for both tables with no problems as long as I do not activate the footer for this grid. I want to get the totals of two numeric (fvtSum) colums in the Grid with the shares.

It works as it should as long as there is more than one Shares record in the grid. If there is only one record I get the error message"

'Project myproject1 released Exception Class "External: SIGSEGV"'

Is there anybody out there who can give me an idea what's wrong with it?

I could not find a documentation for the RX tools. There is a file 'RxLibD6-en.chm' on github. But it only shows lot of keyword without any explanations.

and stay healty


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