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@ ASerge & @wp
TClipTImer is a specialized timer, derived from TTimer.
(Checks a value in registry at given intervals)
And yes, I'm sure it is functioning as intended - it has been for half a year...

There is no errors in the code.
The exception raised, is/was "EOutOfResources" - not a source code error.

I have located the error - and it has noting to do with a resource problem.
For some reason values in Setting (read from registry at startup), has been changed, so the value set for Interval was negative.
And this apparently just happened to happen at the same time I updated from 2.0.6 to 2.0.8 - unrelated I hope...

There is limited number of timers. U cant create one for each instant of your control
The proper way to handle this is to create a global timer and connect your control it and disconnect from it when free your control.
This is a coding issue not lazarus.

Setting a negative interval, gives the error.
The error is not the reported resource-problem.

Hello !

That is here :

Is the version planned on FPC 3.2.0?


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